General Networking Help

Because TRIO typically runs over a network, if there are any network connectivity issues it will make it so the program runs slowly or sometimes not at all. Here are some quick and easy ways to check and make sure that you are connected to the network.

On the bottom right hand corner of the screen is the System Tray (where the time is). In the System Tray there is a local area connection icon. If that icon has a red X on it, that means that the computer no longer can see other computers on the network. The red X is typically due to a hardware issue such as the network cable is unplugged from the computer or from the router, or the router has lost power.

If there is not an icon by the time, or if there is not a red X then the next thing to test network connectivity is to see if that computer can see other computers on the network.

To do that, go onto the desktop and double click either My Network Places (for Windows XP and 2000) or Network Neighborhood (for Windows 98 and 95). If My Network Places was clicked, click on View Workgroup Computers on the right side of the screen under the Network Tasks section. This will make it so it will try and view the computers that the computer is trying to talk to, this comes up automatically in Windows 98 and 95. The computer is successfully connected to the network if other computers than itself show up on this screen, otherwise there is a connection issue. If there is no red X and other computers show up fine from the previous two steps then it might be something as simple as the mapped drive was lost.

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