Adding a General Ledger account

When it is necessary to add a new General Ledger account go through the following steps:

  1. Go into Budgetary > 6. Account Setup > 4. General Ledger Titles
  2. Expand (click on the plus) the fund in which the account should be added
  3. Click in the Short Description field above the account that will be added.  For example, if account G 1-116-00 needs to be added, click in the Short Description for account G 1-115-00.
  4. Press the Insert key
  5. Type in the Account Number and Short/Long Description and press F12 to save and exit the screen
  6. Go to the Budgetary Main Menu and select M. System Maintenance > 7. Valid Accounts File Update
  7. Type in the account number, for example, G 1-116-00

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