TRIO has made the process of entering data into journals simple. We offer several different types of journals such as Accounts Payable (Warrant), Cash Disbursement, Cash Receipts,General Journal and AP Corrections. Our full AP process includes the following, Warrant Preview, Check Printing, Check Register, Warrant and Warrant Recap. The Warrant Preview can include a warrant signature section in the event that you do not want the checks printed until the Warrant is signed. 

We know that flexible reporting is important to our customers, therefore we have done our best to incorporate this into our reporting section. There are literally hundreds of report options in this system.  We also offer cash charting, which can be displayed and printed in either colored bar graphs or line graphs.

TRIO proves that End of Year procedures can be completed with one simple step, greatly reducing the time normally needed.  This module will also easily provide 1099 forms for all vendors with our easy to use vendor files. Vendor maintenance is simple with our vendor routines that include vendor updates, searches, and vendor listings.

The Budget process can be completed with a few simple steps. The process can track the budget from the initial amounts requested all the way through to final town approved budget figures.

Our Check Reconciliation option is designed to help you maintain your checking accounts. This routine handles up to nine banks and allows checks to be flagged as cashed, displays the check file, purges checks, and updates the status of a check or deposit. 

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