Cash Receipting Quick Tips

Here are some useful quick tips for Cash Receipting:

  • To reverse a payment applied to a tax or utility bill, simply double click it.

  • When making a tax or utility payment, CD stands for Cash Drawer and AC stands for Affect Cash.  By default both options are set to Yes, but if a particular transaction should not affect the day's Cash Drawer and not affect the cash account, then simply double click the Y to make it an N.  Note that if both options are set to an N, then a valid account needs to be entered in to be debited in the transaction.

  • Any receipt from any fiscal year processed in TRIO can be redisplayed or included in search results in the currentyear's TRIO by including Archive Years in the the search criteria.

  • Receipt types cannot be deleted. If they should not be used anymore, then the description for the receipt should be named something similar to "Do Not Use" in 5. Type Setup.

  • Instead of typing the receipt type number for a real estate, personal property, or utility billing payment, you can simply type R, P, or U and the account number from the Receipt Input screen.


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