Accounts Payable - Check Returns

Problem:  A single AP check needs to be voided / returned.

Resolution: When returning a single AP check:

1.      Go to Budgetary > Data Entry > A/P Corrections

2.      Make sure that Check Return (Single) is selected

3.      Enter the check number that needs to be returned, then press F12 on the keyboard or click Process to continue

4.      A screen showing information about the selected check will then appear.  If the information is correct press F12 on the keyboard or click the Process option in the File menu to continue.

5.      A message will appear asking if the automatically selected journal number is acceptable.  If it is, click Yes.

6.      Verify that the description and the period on the following screen are correct and then press F12, or select File, then Process.


Remember to post the journal once completed.

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