Bad Accounts

Problem: A Bad Account is discovered on an AP Warrant

Resolution: The solution in this case is dependent on how much of the AP process has been completed when the issue is noticed. If the Checks step has already been done, the account can no longer be corrected directly. Please contact Support for further help. If the Checks step has not been run, go through the following steps:

1.       Go to Budgetary > Data Entry

2.       Select 1. Accounts Payable

3.       In the new window that appears, under Update Search By, select one of the available search options and enter the applicable information in the search field. Click the Search button to continue.

4.      This will display a list of the current entries in the AP warrant. Double-click on the item which needs to be edited to open the Data Entry window for that item.

5.      Edit the account number as necessary and press F12 to save the changes.

6.      The Warrant Preview in Accounts Payable Processing should be run again after changes are made, before proceeding to the Checks step.

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