Real Estate Collections

The Tax Collections system is designed to handle your community's Real Estate and Personal Property tax collection needs in a clear, flowing manner. This system can be used as a stand alone tax collection program or integrated with our Cash Receipts System.

Features Include
Status Screen
This screen displays all activity pertaining to the selected account, including the original bill information, principal, interest, per diem amounts, and lien information. It also displays any Current and/or Accrued Interest, as well as the total amount due for this account.

If your town uses our Real Estate Assessment System or Cash Receipts System, more information will display pertaining to those applications. For instance, if you have Real Estate, then property information will display. This information includes address, assessment, acreage, and account number.

Payment Screen
TRIO allows the simple application of payments, discounts, supplimentals, abatements, refunded abatements, as well as tax club payments to accounts. We also provide easy reversal of those entries erroneously entered into the system.

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