Runtime Error During End of Period Reports

Problem: A Runtime Error occurs during the File-Create/Verify/Reports step of the End of Period Process.

Resolution: This error occurs because TRIO is trying to save files to a folder location which does not exist. To check and/or update the location where these files are saved, please go through the following:

1.      Go to Motor Vehicle > File Maintenance.

2.      Select option 1. Customize.

3.      Near the bottom-left of the Customize window, find the End of Period Reports Directory. Click on the Browse button to the right.

4.      Browse to the location where the files are to be saved. The location should be easy to find. Open the folder where the files will be saved, and click the Open button. The new file path should now be in the End of Period Reports Directory field.

5.      Be sure to press F12, or go to File, then Save and Exit to save changes. Once the new file path has been saved, End of Period reports can be run again.

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