Voiding Receipts

Problem:  All transactions on a receipt need to be voided.

Resolution: Cash Receipting does provide a way to void an entire receipt. Please note that receipts generated from transactions processed between Cash Receipting and another module (such as Clerk, RE/PP Collections, or Motor Vehicle) are considered to be Restricted Receipt Types, and cannot be voided with the following method.

1.       Go to Cash Receipting > 1. Receipt Input.

2.       If applicable, enter the Teller ID when prompted, and then press F12 to proceed.

3.       Press F8, or go to the File menu and select Void By Receipt Number.

4.       Enter the Receipt Number to void, then press F12 to process.

5.       The Receipt Summary will appear. From this point, confirm the items to be voided are correct. TRIO will automatically determine whether or not to affect the Cash Drawer, based on whether the original receipt was included in a completed Daily Audit or not.

6.       Finish processing the receipt as normal.

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