Enhanced 911

The Enhanced 911 system is designed to allow municipalities to manage information, such as street address management or occupant information, for Emergency 911. This application allows pertinent information to be available to and easily accessed by emergency personnel.

Features Include

Location / Occupant Information
These screens allow information to be entered, maintained and accessed easily. Location information includes directions, if there are hazardous wastes on site, as well as space for other important data.

Important occupant information may also be stored, such as medical information, severity of medical conditions, as well as number of occupants. These fields are user defined, allowing municipalities to select the information they would like to track. Maintain alternate telephone numbers in order to reach owners or occupants concerning emergency situations.

Create Database Extract
Extracting information from the system is easily done with this software. This capability will allow the exporting of information to other medias if needed.

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