Clerk Receipt Type Setup

Problem: Different types of Clerk transactions (such as Dogs or Marriages) need to affect separate budgetary accounts. All types are currently affecting the same account(s).

Resolution: For towns with both the Clerk and Cash Receipting modules, Receipt Type 98 is used to process these transactions. If the single receipt type is too limiting, TRIO can split the transactions into separate receipt types. This allows for different budgetary accounts to be affected for each transaction type. It also becomes easier to run Cash Receipting reports for specific Clerk transaction types. To activate this setting, go through the following steps:

1.      Go to Cash Receipting > M. File Maintenance.

2.      Select 1. Customize.

3.      Under Customization Options, select Misc. Options.

4.      Under Other Options, select the checkbox for Breakdown Clerk receipt types to 800-804 series.

5.      Receipt Types 800 through 804 will then need to have budgetary accounts associated with them, which can be done in Cash Receipting > 5. Type Setup. Each of the receipt types already has a description. The description indicates what type of transaction the receipt type is associated with.

When processing a Clerk transaction, Receipt Type 98 will still be selected in Cash Receipting. TRIO will automatically associate the different types of Clerk transactions with the correct 800-series receipt type.

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