Motor Vehicle Registration

The Motor Vehicle System has been developed to make the tasks of determining vehicle values, maintaining plate and sticker inventories, as well as processing vehicle registrations as simple and straightforward as possible.

Features Include

Inventory Maintenance
TRIO provides a way to maintain inventory for stickers, plates, MVR3s, decals, and boosters. Multiple inventory groups can also be set up so that tellers can have either their own separate inventory or one, shared inventory. An inventory listing of items entered into the system can also be printed for verification of items on hand.

Inventory Status
View the status of inventory items entered into the system. Five statuses that the system displays are issued, available, voided, held, and pending. Inventory items may be printed by their status, thus making reconciliation easier.

Rapid Renewal
This additional feature allows towns to upload registration information to the InforME web site, allowing residents to access and re-register their vehicles on-line. This feature is a separate add-on to the Motor Vehicle package.

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