Personal Property Assessing

This system is designed to simplify the difficult tasks of data entry, valuation and taxpayer relations. This system uses cost as the primary approach to equitable estimate value - with choices of Original Cost, Replacement Cost or Sound Value.

Features Include

Data Manipulation
Our Personal Property Assessing System offers several features such as the ability to flag line items eligible for state reimbursement, run reports with value totals for up to nine classes of personal property and also calculates using depreciation formulas based on Straight Line, Declining Balance, or Exponential formulas. Extracting Information
Our Windows version has made extracting information from this system easy and quick. Create Taxpayer Notices, Reimbursement Notices, or print a list of properties with the highest assessment value using this system. Reports may also be saved for quick retrieval as a default report.

Transferring Data
We have made transferring itemized or leased information between accounts easy. Select the two accounts to transfer information between and process to complete the transfer.

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