Create a new TRIO icon

Problem:  A new TRIO icon needs to be created.

Resolution: To create a new icon, go through the following steps:

1.       On the desktop, right-click on any empty space.

2.       In the menu that appears, go to New > Shortcut.

3.       Fill in the location as C:\triovb\twupdver.exe, and then click Next.

4.       Give the new shortcut a name, then click Finish.

5.       Right-click on the newly created icon, and select Properties in the drop-down menu.

6.       Change the Start In field to the location of the data that is to be accessed. This would typically be similar to U:\triodata for a current-year database, or U:\triobwXX (replace XX with the two-digit year) for an archive. This directory can be different for each town, so please confirm the correct directory is used. Apply changes when finished. The icon is now ready for use.

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