Write-Off a Bill

Problem: A water/sewer bill was incorrectly created, and needs to be reversed.

Resolution: Once a bill has been applied to an account, it cannot be reversed/removed from the account. A write-off could be done to bring the balance of the bill to $0. The write-off transaction would be structured as follows:

1.      Bring up the Utility Billing account through Cash Receipting, or through Payments and Adjustments if the town does not have Cash Receipting.

2.      On the transaction line, select the bill number to be affected.

3.      Change the Code to C (Correction).

4.      Double click on the Y under CD (Cash Drawer) to change it to N.

5.      Double click on the Y under AC (Affect Cash) to change it to N.

6.      In the Account field, enter the write-off account, which will be debited in place of the Cash Account.

7.      Enter the amount to write-off in the Principal field as a positive amount to reduce the balance by that amount.

8.      Press F11 to add the transaction as a pending transaction. Review to ensure the transaction is correct, and then press F12 to process.


This same transaction can be used for Interest, Tax, or Costs as well. Simply process the same as above and enter amounts in the appropriate Interest, Tax or Cost fields.  The account number for writing off in these cases will always be the corresponding account to what is being written off.   For example, interest will always be written off to the interest account and costs will always be written off to the cost account.  This will ensure the proper entries are created in Budgetary if applicable.

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