Changes Audit Report

Problem:  Is there a quick way to find out what changes have been made to an account via the Account or Short Maintenance screens, and when those changes were made?

Resolution: The Real Estate module includes a Changes Audit Report which displays detailed information about the changes made on these two screens. To find the report:

1.            Go to Real Estate > 4. Printing > 1. Reports.

2.            Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list of reports, and select Changes Audit. At the bottom of the window, an option will appear to Move all current entries to audit archive. It is recommended to select that option to archive entries for historical searching via the Changes Audit Archive.  To continue, press F12 or select Print Preview in the File Menu. The Changes Audit will generate a report of changes made in Real Estate since the report was last run. This could be a very long report the first time that it is used.

3.            To use the archive to search for historical information, select Changes Audit Archive in the report list. This report can be used to narrow search results by specifying more criteria, such as an Account Number or Date Range.

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