Fiscal End of Year - Creating a Backup

Problem:  Before starting the Fiscal End of Year Process, how can a backup of TRIO databases be created?

Resolution: It is essential to backup all TRIO data before going through the Fiscal End of Year Process. Doing so will ensure a data recovery solution is in place should the need arise.  Even if automatic backups are scheduled to occur, a manual backup of TRIO is always recommended before starting the Fiscal End of Year Process. To do so:

1.            From the TRIO General Entry menu, select M. System Maintenance > A. Backup/Restore.

2.            Under File Types, select Databases (.VB1). Executables (.EXE) can be selected as well, but they can be replaced via a TRIO install CD or by contacting support if necessary. The Databases can only be replaced with a backup.

3.            Manually check off the modules to backup, or click on the Select All button.

4.            Click on Backup.

5.            Read any notifications that appear, and click OK to continue.

6.            Next a browsing window will appear. Choose the location where the backup is to be saved, then press F12 to proceed.

7.            When prompted, enter a name for the file. If a CD is used, step 7 will also be followed by a Settings window. Select any applicable options, and then press F12 to start burning to the CD.


Backups within the TRIO program can be done to CD-R/RW’s, USB/Flash Drives, or a local/network drive. It is recommended that backups be saved to a CD or other device which can be stored in a safe or off-site.

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