Real Estate Assessing

The TRIO Real Estate System has been designed to make the difficult job of data collection, data entry, analysis, valuation, and taxpayer relations easy. The system uses the cost approach as the primary means to equitably estimate value in a manner which both the assessor and the taxpayer can easily understand.

Features Include

Data Comparison
The market comparison and income approaches may also be utilized to arrive at a ?correlated? assessment. In conjunction with the assessor?s experience and judgment, the system helps to insure uniformity and equity of assessments by applying cost and depreciation factors consistently.

It is now possible to attach pictures of the property to the accounts. Each account can have several photographs of the property. The capability of sketching the layout of a property is also provided in this product.

Property Cards
The TRIO-designed property card is used to gather data in the field and this makes data entry a quick and simple process. The card is set up with Property and Land information on the front, and Dwelling and Outbuilding information on the reverse.

We have provided a way to easily generate reports for any information contained within this system. Account lists can be printed by Name, Location or Map/Lot, and you can easily print change-of-assessment notices, as well.

Sales Records
Anytime a sale is entered onto a Property screen, this information is copied to the Sale File for accurate, comprehensive, Sales Ratio Studies.

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