Fiscal End of Year - TRIO Frozen/Not Responding

Problem:  While running the Fiscal End of Year Process, TRIO seems to have frozen. It may also show as Not Responding at the top of the screen.

Resolution: It is not uncommon for TRIO to appear as if it is frozen during the Fiscal End of Year Process due to processing time. The entire process could take 30 minutes or more to complete, depending on the amount of data involved. Also, the Windows Operating Systems can at times cause TRIO to appear as “Not Responding” even though TRIO is still actively working. Let TRIO continue to run. TRIO should never be forced to close by using End Task without first contacting Support. If after 30 minutes there has still been no progress, contact TRIO Support using one of the following methods:

·        Phone: 1-888-942-6222

·        Email:

·        Fax: 207-942-0879

·        eSupport:

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