Add/Edit Operators

When a new teller is going to be using cash receipting and a teller ID is needed, the option is available from the TRIO main menu under System Maintenance, Customize, Edit Operators.
To add an operator:
1. Select New from the File Menu.
2. Type in the New Teller ID This ID should be 3 characters in length.
3. Select the Add button and the Operator Setup Screen will display.
4. Enter in the Teller’s Name and password.
5. If using Motor Vehicle, enter in the Teller’s Agent Level and their Plate, Sticker and MVR3 Groups.
6. Select the Tie Users to Motor Vehicle OpIDs button at the bottom of the screen to tie a Cash Receipting Teller ID and User Name with an Operator ID from Motor Vehicle.
7. A new screen will display with three columns. The first two columns show information for the Teller/ MV IDs, the last column is where a User Log in name can be selected. Click on that field and select a name to associate with the ID, and press OK.
8. Press F12 to save the information.

To edit an existing operator, simply select the operator ID and make the necessary changes.  Be sure to save the screen before exiting.

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