Help Sheets


-1099 Processing
-Accounts Payable
-ACH Setup and Use
-Budget Process
-Check Reconciliation
-Create Opening Adjustments
-Credit Memos
-Due To - Due From
-Fiscal EOY
-Purchase Orders

Cash Receipting

-Core Logic Batch Payments
-Receipt Type setup


-Groups and Committees
-Online Dog Reg

General Entry

-Central Parties
-Internal Audit
-New Workstation Setup
-Online Expiration Updates
-Security Setup

Motor Vehicle

-BMV Electronic File Setup
-Inventory Maintenance
-Motor Vehicle FAQ
-Rapid Renewal


-ACA Processing
-Check Recipients
-Custom Checks
-Direct Deposit & ACH Setup
-Electronic ICMA
-Employee Master Screen
-Life Insurance over 50k
-MSRS Reporting
-Pay Category Setup
-Payroll Distributions
-Tax Table Update with web 2011
-W-2 Processing

Personal Property Assessing

-BETE Setup & Reporting

Real Estate Assessing

-Extract Reports
-Importing and Exporting
-Information Extract
-New Valuation Reports
-Tax Commitment

Tax Billing

-Billing Process
-Custom Bills
-Supplemental Bills

Tax Collections

-Lien Process
-Payments and Corrections
-Processing Abatements
-Tax Acquired
-Tax Service Extract

Utility Billing

-Account Master
-Tax Acquired

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